How To Get Sued By A Roller Derby Team

Episode 12 March 30, 2023 01:20:23
How To Get Sued By A Roller Derby Team
Baseball is Dumb
How To Get Sued By A Roller Derby Team

Mar 30 2023 | 01:20:23


Show Notes

Don't call it a come back! Like, for real, don't do that. For our glorious return we discuss the many nicknames of Cleveland baseball, the first American Indian player in the majors and, of course, how that all culminated into a lawsuit. 

Corrections: Louis was not over 6 feet. Baseball reference has him listed as 5 foot 11 inch MANLET. Baseball gloves were in use during Louis' playing days, though they looked much different than they do today.  


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Baseball’s First Indian; The Story of Penobscot Legend Louis Sockalexis by Ed Rice

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